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About Singer Govind Man Shrestha

Govind Man Shrestha
Govind Man Shrestha

The Bhajan singer Govind Man Shrestha (1938-2008)

* Hymn Writer, publisher, lyricist, music composer, singer
* Born in 1938 in Kathmandu, Nepal
* Official website: http://www.nepalibhajan.com
* Every day: early morning walk, Yoga, Praying, song, music practice, recording, video shooting, meeting with people associated with music, songs
* Education: Metric(SLC), NEPAL 1955, IA,  INDIA 1958, BA , 1967, MBA Tribhuvan University, NEPAL 1983, Diploma in Advance industrial Management, The Netherlands 1974, Merchant Banking and Leasing, Bombay India, 1989
* Popular Works: Cassette of hymns: Bhajan Mala Part I to V since 1996, Bhajan Mala Video, he published Bhajan Books and composed music and song recorded on Bhakti Shangalo, Gita Shastra, Satya Narayan Brata Katha, Shreee Swosthani Brata Katha , produced Bhajan cassette, audio and video cds, dvds in Nepal Bhasha, Pulu pulu Swoya and others. Telecast of many hymns from Nepalese Television, Radios, FM stations. Poetry, hymns and lyrics published in different newspapers and magazines. Song more than 200 songs. Folk tune and vocal song on Lord Krishna Geeta Shastra, Satya Narayan Brata Katha in Nepali and Nepal Bhasha,
* Popular Songs: Started first duet bhajan “Jay Ambe Gauri” telecast with singer Prem Dhoj Pradhan. After that he sang and recorded popular bhajan songs such as Krishna Murari Bhajan Garau, Kali Aama, Om Namo Shivaya, Ram Mero Ram, Om Har Har Mahadev, Hey Manav Shuva Karm Garau, Gay Guru Ganapati, Bhagban Mrityu Deu Malai, Jivan Bhar Moh Jaal ma and hundreds of other Bhajan songs. He had also live stage program known as Bhajan Shandhya sang continuous 12 bhajan songs on the stage. He had created very unique Bhajan music and songs, bhajan video songs. He was well known as Bhajan Shadhak.
* Public Life: He began singing at his owns lyric and music -Pulu Pulu Swoya- at different stage program since 1952 and over Radio Nepal s Newari Program from 1958
* Joined Government service and worked as Assistant principals office- Tri Chand College, Kathmandu, Ministry of education 1958-1964, Senior office assistant, Section Office and Branch Officer Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC) Kathmandu, 1964 2008 Financial Executive Hotel Kathmandu, Board Secretary Nepal Airways 1994 1998,
* Contributions: Instituted Govind Jamuna Dharmik Sangitik Guthi ( Govind Jamuna Cutural and Music Trust) founded in 1999. Financial contribution to hospitals, Bhajan Communities, and Social Organizations. Promoted and created new singers, musicians, models.
* Awards and Honors: Many letters of appreciation from various associations and institutions, former King Gyanendra and other various prestigious awards for his devotion and contribution to Nepali music.
* Inspiration God belief: I will work as a hymn writer, music composer, lyricist, writer, singer till my last breath
* Travel: India, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, USA, England,
* He had been very active in music, songs and his daily life until eight days before he passed away. He passed away on Thursday March 13, 2008
* His family members are active in Govind Jamuna Music Trust and to promote his contribution.


Govind Man Shrestha